What is a Service-Level Agreement in VPS Hosting?


There are tons of features you could look for when you’re exploring VPS hosting. With dozens of major VPS hosts around, you’ll never lack options! One of the important features you might need could be hard to notice if you’re not familiar with a little bit of technical jargon: The Service-Level Agreement (SLA). For professional hosting, the SLA might actually […]

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Implementing one of the best autoresponders can play an important role in the success of your email marketing campaigns. Autoresponders are emails sent automatically to your subscribers when triggered by a series of events you determine. They can be used to greet new subscribers, alert them about new products or services, or even wish them a happy birthday. All you […]

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The best email marketing software for nonprofits can be a valuable asset to the organization, especially to help with fundraising efforts. Several of the best email marketing products offer big discounts of 25% or more, along with a variety of tools such as autoresponders, email templates, and social media integration. When searching for an email marketing software for your nonprofit, […]

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HostingCon Europe – Early Registration, New Features, and Unbeatable Networking


HostingCon is the leading conference and trade show for web hosting and cloud industry professionals and is the only one of its kind dedicated solely to the interests of the industry experts. 2014 marked the event’s entrance into the European hosting and cloud network, featuring the first-ever HostingCon Europe. Visit HostingCon Europe to Sign Up After the tremendous feedback from […]

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The Wix Website Builder: Easy Sites for Hotels, Restaurants, & Bands — Plus All New Features for 2015


In 2015 and onward, business owners looking to expand their brand beyond the local market must establish a Web presence, and for industries dealing with event-planning and booking, this becomes both increasingly complicated and necessary. Unfortunately for the average business owner, managing the intricacies of website building and hosting is frustrating and seemingly futile. If you’re not a CSS styling […]

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Many popular email marketing software programs offer free trials, but few offer full-fledged plans that are completely free. Those that do typically limit the number of contacts to which you can deliver, though this should not be a problem if you’re just starting out in email marketing or have a small contacts list. Some email marketing providers restrict the use […]

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FTP Error “530 User cannot log in” – Troubleshooting Guide For Windows 2008


You have a VPS running on Windows 2008 server OS. You are using IIS 7.5 web server with Microsoft FTP Service 7.5. Your attempt to log in to FTP account results in an error. It says – “530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible. Error: Critical error.” Given below is the detailed error log as shown on your computer – Status: Resolving […]

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How To Find The Perfect VPS Hosting For Game Servers?


Game servers are far more resource consuming in nature compared to traditional website hosting. The plight of resource crunch becomes even more critical when you are planning to host a multi-player game (single game played by different players at the same time) or multiple games on a single virtual server. As the owner of a gaming console, you would never want another website hosted on […]

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“Weebly for Hosts” — Hosting Companies Can Now Offer a Website Builder to Customers


In this new era of online business, more and more people and companies want an awesome website to help spread their message. While creating a great looking and functional website has typically been reserved to those with a technical background, or those willing to pay web professionals to create their visions for them, that old model is eroding away. One […]

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Best VPS Hosting 2016


VPS is the best choice for businesses or users who are experiencing rapid growth, heavy website traffic, or running complex web applications. However, it’s not easy task to find a good VPS hosting solution. We have done web development since 2007, and tried different VPS hosts in our projects. “Best VPS Hosting” 2015 below are the top 5 web hosts […]

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