“Weebly for Hosts” — Hosting Companies Can Now Offer a Website Builder to Customers


In this new era of online business, more and more people and companies want an awesome website to help spread their message.

While creating a great looking and functional website has typically been reserved to those with a technical background, or those willing to pay web professionals to create their visions for them, that old model is eroding away.

Nick Dellis VP of Business Development for Weebly

One huge player in this brave new online world is Weebly, an easy drag and drop, all-in-one website builder and hosting platform. What Weebly brings to the market is accessibility for the common man to easily bring their ideas to the web, and now with “Weebly for Hosts” and their recent enterprise platform, Weebly empowers businesses to manage multiple websites with ease.

We sat down with Nick Dellis (@Nick_Dellis), the VP of Business Development for Weebly, to talk more about Weebly and the solutions they’re bringing to the masses.

Weebly Gives Web Hosting Companies an Amazing Website Builder

Just launched today, Weebly for Hosts allows web hosting companies and domain registrars of all sizes to directly resell Weebly’s own core packages for additional revenue, or they can offer Weebly’s popular website builder directly to their own customers.

“We’re really excited about opening up the Weebly platform to hosting companies and making easy website creation accessible to a broader audience of millions,” said David Rusenko, CEO and co-founder of Weebly. “Last month we announced Weebly for Enterprise, which lets organizations customize Weebly and leverage our CMS to empower their employees and customers at scale. Today, we’re following up with Weebly for Hosts, giving web hosts and domain registrars a complete solution to offer Weebly to their customers on their terms.”

Weebly for Hosts cPanel Screenshot

A web host would be in full control and can elect to either completely offload the websites their customers make onto Weebly’s hosting platform, or they can choose to simply use the website builder from Weebly’s platform but publish the live website back on the web host’s own servers.

This is a great and simple way for web hosting companies to broaden their service offerings and retain customers, by giving them access to create websites with a proven drag and drop website builder platform.

Weebly for Hosts is a turnkey solution that requires very minimal implementation and management on the part of hosting customers, and it comes with a dashboard to easily manage staff and permissions. Hosting customers can also receive comprehensive customer support from Weebly, relieving the web hosts from having to support common website builder issues that they might currently be dealing with on another website creation platform.

Drag and Drop Simple Design is Core to Weebly

At the core of Weebly is an amazing, easy to use website builder. Using a simple drag and drop interface that works right in your web browser, any user can pick a theme and have a fully functional website online in minutes or hours instead of days and weeks.

“Consumers demand easier, thoughtful, beautiful solutions,” Dellis said about the need for a product like Weebly.

Weebly Drag and Drop Editor Adding Text Element

You can intuitively drag new elements like titles, text, images and more onto your site right where you want them and then simply click on each element to customize it just the way you’d like.

Weebly Drag and Drop Editor Click Text Box to Edit

It’s easy to swap out themes at anytime to give your website a completly new look but still retain all of that hard work you did putting content onto your pages.

Weebly Drag and Drop Editor Change Theme

You can design a fully featured website from start to finish without touching a single line of code, but for those more advanced users, they can also dive right in and start manually editing the HTML layout and CSS styling of their site.

Weebly Drag and Drop Editor Edit HTML and CSS

Weebly also makes running an online store and selling products a breeze without complex configurations, and they support Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, and PayPal payment methods.

Weebly Drag and Drop Editor Store Dashboard

Extensive Features Go Beyond Just a Simple Website Builder

There are plenty of features that come with Weebly that make it ideal for users of any skill level to just jump right in and start making websites with ease. Be sure to check out the full Weebly features page for the complete run down of what’s available.

  • Powerful Site Creator
  • 100+ Professional Themes
  • Powerful Cloud Hosting Included
  • Fast & Helpful Support
  • Integrated Domain Registration
  • Easy Blogging
  • Beautiful Photo Galleries & Slideshows
  • Video & Audio Players
  • Easy Form Builder
  • ImagePerfect Image Editor
  • Detailed Traffic Stats
  • Free Domain Hosting
  • No Forced Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • E-commerce Features
  • Automatic Mobile Site Creation
  • Password-protected Pages
  • Full HTML/CSS Control

Weebly Full Features

Helping the Enterprise Market One Organization at a Time

Lots of users who used Weebly to manage a group activity site, churches, and other small personal projects were starting to show interest in using Weebly at scale for their organization.

Just launched last month, Weebly for Enterprise brings a new level of control and features for organizations that need to manage multiple websites.

“The way you should think about this Weebly Enterprise Platform is we’re going to go to each of these industries, and we’re going to build some specific functionality that is perfect for them,” Dellis explained.

Weebly for Enterprise Types of Clients

On top of the core Weebly experience and easy to use tools, the enterprise platform introduces a new layer of functionality for organizations. Features such as single sign-on, the ability to provision sites, API access to integrate Weebly with their infrastructure and more make managing multiple sites just as easy as creating one.

You can add your own themes, apps and plugins and create your own custom packages for what your users have access to. An example would be an IT manager for a university who has just added 10 new faculty members, can now add these new users and set permissions for what sites within the university they can or can’t edit.

You can also limit the level of access by actions, so you can give one user full permission to edit the HTML and CSS of their pages and restrict the more novice users to only add content from the drag and drop builder.

Really large companies building lots of websites typically have relied on interal CMS or builder systems that have been unable to keep up with the pace of innovation from services like Weebly.

“It should be trivial. You should just be able to log in, click a button, give somebody access, and they can manage their own website” Dellis said. “Having a well-thought out, simple, easy to use consumer solution is being demanded by enterprises, too.”

Final Thoughts on Weebly

If you’re looking to create an amazing website easily, you owe it to yourself to check out the powerful tools Weebly provides. It’s completly free to use, and within five minutes of signing up, you should have the hang of it.

It was really refreshing for us to just drag and drop elements and use an intuitve interface to quickly get a great looking website up and running.

Organizations of all sizes that need to manage multiple websites should look into the new Weebly for Enterprise platform as an easy and centralized way to control their online presence. If you’re a web host or domain registrar, the brand new Weebly for Hosts offers an amazing value add-on to your existing services that your customers are sure to love.

With Weebly’s plans to further advance into the enterprise market, we are excited to see how they integrate with each vertical and make it easier for more people to get their ideas online.

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